Impatient Look forward Kaka Gerrard’s presence in MLS

Impatient Look forward Kaka Gerrard's presence in MLS

Orlando – Steven Gerrard is getting closer to the United States as the Premier League this season will be finished. Kaka was not looking forward to the arrival of the players was 34 years and wanted to duel with Gerrard on the gridiron.

Gerrard will leave Liverpool once this season ends. LA Galaxy will be the next club captain the Reds that after 17 years of red-red uniforms.

Gerrard arrival certainly will increase lively football competition in the land of Uncle Sam, who has filled several players who never play in Europe.

One is Kaka, who is also new this season playing at Orlando City. Brazilian footballer is very enthusiastic awaiting the arrival of Gerrard to the Galaxy in July.

Moreover, Kaka has missed the duel with Gerrard as when they strengthen AC Milan when they met British player in the Champions League final in 2005 and 2007.

“I have a good memory about Gerrard. He is one of my favorite players. I like the way he plays and the way he moves on the field. I am very happy he’s playing here. It will help the league,” said Kaka told Sky Sports.

“I’m not sure I deserve gave him advice about this league, but the league is very competitive. So he must be prepared to be competitive with his new team,” said Kaka.

“A great experience playing in America, in this league with my team now and also their project. I am very happy to be here. Being a superstar league is not a pressure, but so motivated,” he said.